How To Measure Your Child And Choose The Right Car Seat

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How To Measure Your Child And Choose The Right Car Seat

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Choosing the right car seat is very important if you want your child to be safe and comfortable throughout the travel. What are the aspects you have to consider when buying the car seat for your baby? The seat should have protective features that safeguard the child at the event of a crash. Therefore prior to shopping for a car seat go through your vehicle’s manual thoroughly to know the car seat models that would suit your vehicle and also about installation. The children car seats can be attached either using seat belt or LATCH system which the current vehicles have. Evenflo is one of the leading manufacturers of child car seats. Checking will be useful as it compares two leading children car seat models from Evenflo.

The seat that you choose for your seat should accommodate the child’s age, height and weight. The infants should be seated in rear facing mode as long as possible. The child should be put in forward facing mode only if he or she outgrows the seat that is the head is one inch above the seat.  You have to find out the amount of space at the back seat and how many will be sitting at the back seat. Before you go to the shop, measure the backseats and take the tape along with you to the shop to measure the base of the seats.

Choose seats that have clear instructions of installation on the seat with appropriate pictures so that you can easily follow them and install on your own. However, for the first time you will have to call a professional to properly install the seat. The seat belt path has to be thoroughly checked and also ensure that it is fastened securely. When you choose a car seat with two piece retainer clips, the child cannot unfasten it easily on its own. The harness adjusters have to be easily accessible and the loose harness is less effective during crashes. Also, the seat covers should be easy to clean. For example, smooth fabric is easy to clean than the textured ones.